Connect Groups

Along with our weekly worship services, Connect Groups are the primary way that we make disciples at Redeemer Bible Church.

Looking For Community?

We love seeing people decide to join a Connect Group, because we know what that means for their spiritual journey! It means support. It means growth. It means accountability. It means the one anothers of scripture are going to be lived out!

Our Connect Groups are meeting at different times in different locations.  To get an updated list of groups and meeting times and locations, click here or email us at

Connect With Us

Sunday mornings 
Adult Group (Paul Sok)
Young Adult Group (Nick Bultinck)
& more to come!
Monday nights 
6:45 – 8:15P // Stafford Connect Group, led by Aaron
For directions, email Steve
6:30 – 8P // Spotsy Connect Group, led by Rodney Swann (group is full).
6:15-7:15A // Men’s group @ Central Park IHOP (Vic Carpenter)
6:15-7:15A // Men’s group @ Garrisonville (Justin Woodruff)
6:30 – 8P // Student Connect Groups, Spotsy Village (Mark Alexander
7 – 8P // Adult Connect Group, led by David Peck
7p // Church History study (Vic Carpenter)