Our prayer ministry exists to bring honor and glory to God by instilling a culture of prayer in our church! Prayer serves as the foundation for all we do!

Our prayer team receives an updated list of needs each week and diligently prays over each one. We also have a team that meets monthly to do the same! 

If there is something specific we can pray about for you, we would love to know about it! Just click the email below to send a note to Michael Shively (our elder leading the Prayer ministry)!

Our desire is that our church would be – as Jesus put it in Matthew 21:13 – a house of prayer. So you will hear prayer emphasized from the pulpit and in each of our other ministries! 

We love praying over our people, and we love to see our people be the answer to one another’s prayers!

We are also committed to praying for:

  • Our church (unity, wisdom, heart for the lost, protection against the evil one)
  • The persecuted church
  • Local and national revival
  • Our nation and its leadership 
  • Unreached and unchurched people in our local area and around the world!