Thoughts on Evangelism

Thoughts on Evangelism

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.” John 5:24

This week, a friend asked for help in sharing the gospel with a dear person in their life. The following is a conversational guide I put together for how to turn a conversation toward a gospel conversation. I hope it’s helpful.

Transition: “Would it be ok if I changed the subject, and we spent some time talking about Jesus and the soul?”

Soul: “Can we start really basic?

  • Do you believe you have a soul?  
  • That is the spiritual part of you that relates to and is aware of God.”

Sin: “We know from personal experience and the Bible that we are all sinners.

  • Do you think you have done wrong things?”  

Death:“The wrong things that we have done produce guilt, separation, and death in our life. Sin separates/breaks our relationships with people and with God.”

Jesus:“The Gospel (means Good News!) is the message that God is willing to forgive our sins.

  • Jesus is the Savior.
  • He accomplished our salvation on the cross.”

Cross:“On the cross Jesus met the justice of God by bearing the punishment for our sins in His own body.

  • He was a substitute for us.
  • He did this from a motivation of love.”
  • (Romans 6:23, John 3:16)

Resurrection: “Jesus is not still dead. He rose from the dead and lives eternally. He is able to forgive your sins and also give you life that will never end. Jesus is the Savior, body and soul.”

Our Action:“I am inviting you to confess your sins and believe in Jesus as Savior.

  • In His ministry Jesus called for people to believe that He was the Son of God and to follow Him with their lives.
  • He still calls for us to believe in Him and obey Him in this same way.”

Invitation: “Will you confess your sins and believe in Jesus today?

  • The work of salvation was accomplished by Jesus.
  • This glorious forgiveness and life is available to you by grace through faith alone, not by your religious works.” 

If “Yes”: Ask the person to confess their sins in prayer, but out loud, by theirown words.

  • Next, ask the person to express their belief in Jesus as Savior by prayer, but out loud, in their own words.
  • Now, you give thanks to Jesus for forgiving your sins by prayer, in your own words.

If “No”:“You need to understand that you are actively rejecting the grace of God to forgive your sins.

  • Unbelief will not be forgiven by God, but judged.
  • You will face all the just penalty of your sins. There will be judgment.”

A few additional notes on sharing Christ with others:

  • When you feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak to a person about Jesus – SPEAK! Pray for courage and love, then go for it. Forget about formulas and scripts. Speak the truth and God will help you.
  • Pray for the patience and love of Christ as you speak.
  • Really listen to the person’s responses and engage them where they are.
  • Never assume what a person’s answers will be to these questions and statements. People will shock you. The Lord will amaze you in the ways that He is working in a person’s heart, before you arrive, to prepare their heart for your conversation.
  • Refer directly to specific Bible verses as they are applicable.
  • Call for decision. If people are not ready to believe, ask if you can reengage them at a later time to continue the conversation.
  • If a person is not ready to believe at the time of your conversation, make sure they know they can express their confession and belief to Jesus at any time.
  • Never hesitate to tell people about your salvation testimony.
  • Actively seek to turn every conversation with a lost person into a gospel conversation!

May the Lord use your conversations today to lead others to salvation in Jesus,
Pastor Vic