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Further Building & Land Update
There’s a lot happening at Redeemer these days! We have all prayed much about this church, and asked God to bless and guide us. We have prayed for the lost to be saved and for this church to be a blessing to the community. We praise God that these things are happening at a rate much faster than we expected. With these joys also come growing pains of adjustment and lots of decisions. But I tell you, it’s exciting to join the Lord where He is working! It’s exciting to pray for big things, and see the Lord answer those prayers. I will do my best to keep you updated on what is happening and how you can be involved.

At the last member meeting we voted to purchase 3.5 acres of land diagonally across the quad from where the church is currently located. The lot is right on Courthouse Road and directly in the center of this development. This land purchase will allow us to build a sanctuary seating over 500 and at least one small educational building. Depending on what funds the Lord provides, we may possibly be able to build a second educational building in the first phase. The second phase (years down the road) allows us to build up to three additional educational buildings to create more classroom space. The plan includes an outdoor picnic space and fenced children’s play area.

I believe the most amazing part about this is that the land was offered to us at a significant discount which matched up with cash we had in the bank. A long time ago the elders decided that we would stop passing a plate in the service because it was an obstacle for unbelievers coming to church and being asked for money. Second, it allowed every dollar given to be given joyfully and from the heart. In this we would know that God was supporting the ministry and the church could see God at work providing for our needs. So, without any direct fund-raising the Lord has provided!

Concerning the land, we now enter a due diligence period of preparation for the building site plan and buildings themselves. Benjamin Pennington will be stepping down from this roll to pursue a master’s level theological studies in his off hours. Travis Elkins will take up the mantle to lead the effort to solidify building plans and keep the church updated on the process.

As a church, we must continue in faithful giving and consider possibly making additional gifts toward the building fund. We have a designated building fund in the drop-down menu of the on-line giving portal. All funds given to that designated fund will go toward the building. Would you pray about making a designated gift toward building the new building? By each of us choosing generosity for the sake of gospel ministry, the church will be built! Let’s be in prayer that the way the church continues will be like its past – clearly the Lord is at work.

In the meantime, over at least the next two years, we must joyfully continue to minister in our current building. As most of you are aware, we have a serious shortage of classroom space. During children’s ministry (11:00 hour) we have zero extra. In the small amount of classroom space, we have over 100 children and workers every Sunday. We will come to a point soon, where we will have to turn people away because we do not have room for their children. During the 11:00 hour the young adult ministry meets outside rain or shine. This large group would need two classrooms to meet inside. We have zero adult classes that meet Sunday morning because of a total lack of classroom space. On Wednesday night the youth group fills every available space during small group break ups. This includes a small group meeting in the children’s ministry lobby. We rent the coffee shop across the quad to make room for one adult group to meet.

This over-crowding has been a significant concern for months to the elders, ministry leaders, and children’s teachers. We have all been praying and searching out possible answers for how to handle this and be able to effectively minister to those God is bringing to us. Building is too far out to help over the next few years, and moving the church again was not desired by anyone. However, according to God’s perfect providence, the new building at the end of the street will open in July. When that building opens, two businesses will relocate from the first floor of the adjacent building to the new building. This will open the entire first floor of the adjacent building. Vakos Companies has offered it to us at a discounted price per sq/ft to continue support for Redeemer.

After some weeks of due diligence walking through the property with key ministry leaders and deacons, we have come up with a way to create three large classrooms and three medium sized classrooms by only extending two walls by ten feet, knocking down two ten-foot walls, and cutting in four doors. None of this will require moving plumbing or electrical. This classroom addition would double our current educational space and make it possible to bring inside some adult small groups, young adult ministry, and space out our children’s ministry to make room for growth.

We have called a member meeting Sunday to present this and possibly move for a vote, because Vakos Companies has already held this off the market for a month and does not want to unnecessarily delay a choice. They have a nearly 100% occupancy rate on apartments in our area. If we choose to not take this space, it will immediately be renovated into apartments.

There’s not much to discuss on this decision. It’s pretty much take it, or leave it. The rental price is set, the square footage is set, and the terms of the year-to-year lease are set. The elder board recommends that we extend our budget to sign the lease and expand our educational space. We have the giving income to meet this need and believe more will come with growth. If you’re a member at Redeemer, please be in prayer about this decision and reach out to an elder if you have questions. I’m excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to seeing you Sunday.

May the Lord go before us and make the path straight,
Pastor Vic and the elders

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